Become a Certified Steward of Cannabis

Integrate cannabis into your practices and services. As a CashoM Certified Steward of Cannabis you are empowered with wisdom to integrate cannabis knowledge and experiences into life coaching, yoga, therapy, events, healthcare, food service, and other offerings. This wisdom will enable you to authentically connect with your clients in new ways. You will grow your business while enriching the lives of your clients.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a CashoM Cannabis Steward certification and become a part of the CashoM movement and community.

Classes are held live every Wednesday at 3 PST for 75 minutes. This 8-week course will go from September 27th - November 15th. Recordings are available if you miss a class.

Is this course for you?

You don't have to work in the cannabis industry to utilize cannabis as a tool for your clients. Cannabis is an ingredient you can combine with your other skills to unlock potential your clients never knew was there. This emerging way to use cannabis is an incredible way to expand your offerings and grow your business.

Become a Certified CashoM

If you wish to take your knowledge and wisdom beyond the Cannabis Stewardship Certification Course, you can become a Certified CashoM by taking the Cannabis Serving, Cannabis Philosophy, and Mentorship Courses.

Why Cannabis?

Cannabis is a beautiful plant that has been a sacrament for thousands of years. In recent times its use has been limited for the sake of pleasure, sleep aid, and pain management but now it's coming to a new modern level to be consumed to optimize people's lives through the lens it provides when consuming.

Pricing - Pay in full or use our payment plan ($200 more)

The Logistics

This is an 8-week course taught live online by Philip Wolf and guest teachers.

Starting June 7th and held every Wednesday at 3 PST.

There will be learning activities presented to you every week, quizzes, and a test at the end to become certified.

If you do not pass, you will be able to retake the course for $299

All classes will be recorded for your viewing if you can not attend a class.

The CashoM Movement

This is the opportunity you have with cannabis. We are so grateful that this plant is emerging in our culture in this way. Please join us in this movement.